Outsourcing Doesn't Have To Mean Going Offshore

Outsourcing Doesn't Have To Mean Going Offshore

Why Outsource?

The benefits of outsourcing software development cannot be ignored. Companies specializing in software development have the expertise to design, develop, test and deploy software for less time and cost than managing a team in house. The reasons for this are more clearly explained in this article: http://www.flatworldsolutions.com/articles/top-ten-reasons-to-outsource.php

Challenges of Offshoring

Data Security / Asset Control

Some jurisdictions lack the necessary laws, enforcement and / or resolve to force offshoring companies to control information. This means that critical client data, business sensitive information, and developed software can be resold to third parties. This is a big money maker for some foreign companies, and helps keep the costs to their customers down.


It has been said that it is a positive having development or testing being done on the other side of the world. After all, this should lead to a 24 hour development cycle: code written during the day is tested at night and visa versa. This is a double-edged sword however. Questions or issues that are raised during your day, are answered during your night, and you get an answer the following day (hopefully). This can lead to unnecessary delays and confusion. As well as the above, this article outlines several other challenges: http://www.rozinskiy.com/why-india-outsourcing-is-doomed/

Solution - Onshore

Outsource software development without going Offshore

Blaazin Software Consulting Inc. is 100% owned and operated in Canada. This means:

  1. We are governed by Canadian Copyright and Data Security laws (all information, data, requirements, and developed software will not be given or sold to any third party, period).
  2. We live and work in the Eastern timezone, run on North American hours, and have North American business and work ethics.

We are 100% virtual, and do not have the overhead of expensive office space. This keeps our costs down, and we pass the savings onto our Clients.

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