DevOps Implementation

DevOps is a relatively new buzzword in the software development industry. Although it is a buzzword, it is not without merit. The Agile / Scrum methodology takes care of the development process up to and including Continuous Integration. Customers are given access and visibility to the features that has been most recently been built by developers. What is missing from that process is continuously delivering these new features to customers in a fashion that is controlled, versioned, reliable, and maintainable. This is where DevOps comes in. Being able to continuously deploy to development, test, and production environments worry-free lets your customers know business. There's no two ways around it. Your developers use this function daily to give life to the projects you develop as a company.

What is DevOps?

A few years back we did work for a company who's start up process for any new developer took them 2 days at best. I kid you not. 2 days just to grab the required projects and associated files, and set up their local environment. Can you imagine the time and money wasted? You have an employee you are paying for two days and producing absolutely nothing towards the company. Zero.

Once we were able to go through the process and analyze the issues with their system the plan become quite simple to correct. The company went from days to get people up and running to minutes. Commits and builds became a breeze and employee morale was up now that a more intuitive system was in place.

These problems arise before you realize you've got them. Business moves quickly. We specialize in making your environment run smoothly. You want to pay for services rendered, not for an employee sitting around trying to figure out HOW to do work for you.

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